The Marketing News of the Week!

The Marketing News of the Week!

Lexus unveils the first ad completely written by artificial intelligence: "Automobile manufacturer Lexus, created by the Japanese group Toyota, has just unveiled a unique advertising film on the theme of human intuition. Indeed, this new promotional video, the first of its kind, was written by an artificial intelligence and directed by the famous feature film director Kevin Macdonald. It will accompany the European launch of Lexus' new premium ES sedan. Entitled "Driven by Intuition", the sixty-second film, which will be on screens in Europe in the coming weeks, tells the story of a master craftsman, Takumi, who, like Frankestein's creator, admires his creature and shed a tear when it is released into the world on winding roads."


Influence marketing: Authenticity and transparency are essential: "As far as influence marketing is concerned, there are many grey areas! According to a study conducted by Econsultancy, 70% of marketers say that authenticity and transparency are essential for the success of influence marketing. In fact, several companies interviewed in the sector indicate that brands must control not only the community's DNA, but also the quality of their influencers in order to ensure their long-term sustainability."


75% of mobile users abandon a site when it is not adapted to smartphones: "According to a study conducted by Ecoreuil, 75% of mobile users abandon a site when it is not suitable for smartphones. This is why some brands have created their own mobile merchant application. But it is true that the success of these mobile applications has quickly reached its limits."


YouTube broadcasts movies for free, but with ads: "If you ever want to watch a film on YouTube for free without breaking the law, the time has come.  The video hosting website where users can send, watch, comment, rate, and share videos has just announced the launch of a new feature that allows you to watch movies for free, but with advertising breaks (like on TV)."