The Marketing News of the Week!

The Marketing News of the Week!

The brand Moufid launches a new natural and preservative-free recipe: 

Childhood is a period marked by the first learning experiences. Children develop their imagination and awaken to discover the world. To support them in their physical growth and development, Moufid is launching a new natural recipe, without preservatives, so that children can continue to face with the same intensity the challenges of a day at school with their friends, while meeting their specific nutritional needs.



Mobile telephony: Zatec launches the cheapest phone in Morocco: 

99 dirhams is the price of the new phone, the cheapest on the market, launched by the 100% Moroccan brand Zatec with the aim of making the technology accessible to a large segment of the population. While the brand does not offer a smartphone with many features, the Zatec x1 mini dual SIM has a 1.77-inch screen, a camera and an mp3 player, allowing a wider audience to access some modern tools on a mobile.



Apple is not the most innovative company in 2019: 

Fast Company has published its new list of the world's most innovative companies for 2019. If Apple was at the top of this list last year, the 2019 results show that the Californian giant fell to 17th place. Indeed, the company is in the ranking not because of its latest iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, nor because of its latest iPad Pro, but rather because of what these products contain: an A12 chip. Apple's processor is a small technical feat that always far exceeds the competition, according to benchmarks.






Green marketing: Amazon wants to go greener by 2030: 

Pointed out by Greenpeace, the e-commerce giant has promised to reduce its ecological footprint, especially on its many deliveries. The American online retail giant Amazon delivers millions of parcels a year and consumes huge amounts of energy for its Cloud business, very few of which are renewable. This activity has been pointed out by the environmental association Greenpeace.