The Marketing News of the Week!

The Marketing News of the Week!

BIGDIL has a new look and reveals its new identity: 

BIGDIL, the 100% Moroccan fashion accessories brand, has a new look and reveals its new identity, its new store concept, and its new ambitions. BIGDIL is reinventing itself and renewing not only its visual identity, but also the entire experience it offers its customers through a new store concept and personalized support. This change was initiated by Soft RETAIL, a subsidiary of SOFTGROUP, which has, among other things, the DIAMANTINE brand to its credit. The product offer is not to be outdone and has been completely redesigned and enriched. New ranges have been created, such as silk shawls, scarf / hat kits, and Total Look suits inspired by current trends.



"Maak bach t'halla f'ddar": Ikea announces a new signature for its Moroccan store: 

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, the Dutch company of Swedish origin Ikea has just announced through its Moroccan subsidiary the launch of a new signature "Maak bach t'halla f'ddar". Indeed, the Moroccan subsidiary also offers discounts of up to 75% in its Zenata store, raffles to try to win complete transformations of houses or rooms as well as many other gifts and surprises.



Visa launches a marketing campaign in partnership with Carrefour and Procter & Gamble (P&G): 

To promote electronic payments in Morocco, Visa recently launched a campaign in partnership with P&G and Carrefour.  Indeed, this campaign allowed participants to win a selection of P&G products, a discount coupon and a beautiful car! This campaign, conducted in partnership with P&G and Carrefour, is part of Visa's efforts to increase the adoption of electronic payments in Morocco.



Black Friday: Jumia Maroc carries out the biggest operation in its history: 

Black Friday 2018 was a resounding success for the pioneer of e-commerce in Morocco.  Jumia performed the biggest operation in its history! Organized from November 2 to 30, Black Friday 2018 was not only the most popular promotional event in Morocco but also the largest online sale operation ever conducted by Jumia since its inception. During the nearly thirty days of the online initiative, the first e-commerce site in Africa became the #1 shopping application on Play Store and the eighth most visited site in Morocco.