The Marketing News of the Week!

The Marketing News of the Week!

Mastercard adopts a new logo: 

Like many other brands, including Nike, Apple, and Target, which rely on an icon rather than a name to promote their brand, Mastercard announced on Monday in a press release that it had changed its logo. The company has removed the word "Mastercard" that had been on its credit cards for a long time. From now on, the logo will only show the traditional red and yellow circles that fit together. "Reinventing in the digital age calls for modern simplicity. And with more than 80% of people spontaneously recognizing the Mastercard symbol without the word ''Mastercard'', we felt ready to take this new step in the evolution of our brand."



#NissanFormulaE: Nissan launches a competition in Marrakech: 

The Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has just announced the launch of two new contests open to the general public at the new edition of the Formula E, to be held in Marrakech on January 12. Indeed, each participant is invited to go to the Nissan showroom in Marrakech, take a picture with the Formula E competition car, publish a selfie with the #NissanFormulaE hashtag, identify three friends and access the draw to win a stay in Marrakech, with hotel night and VIP ticket to access the event and enjoy meetings with the drivers, visit the stands, access the VIP box, Pit Lane, etc., and many other surprises.



CES 2019 : Apple unveils a provocative ad: 

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which will open in Las Vegas on Tuesday, January 8, 2019, is now the major high-tech event of the year. Many manufacturers will present their latest innovations! Among the exhibiting companies, we find Google, Amazon, and Samsung. Apple, on the other hand, avoids this type of event and prefers to organize its own. This year, however, Apple's marketing department has decided to be present at CES in its own way. The American giant has therefore unveiled an advertising poster on one of the facades of a hotel located a few steps from the Las Vegas Convention Center, where its advertising may be seen by more than one participant and above all will have an impact on them.



"Antoum al moustakbal": Société Générale announces a new brand signature: 

Société Générale Maroc has just launched its new strategic plan "Avenir 2019-2022".  Indeed, this strategic ambition is supported by a new brand platform, which expresses the deep vocation of the Société Générale brand and also inspires its internal culture. With its new signature "Antoum al moustakbal", Société Générale Maroc renews its commitment to its customers with two convictions: its role is to build the future and its mission is to give everyone the means to have a positive impact on the future.