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  • The Moroccan Economy in Brief of 03/02/2017: Standard and Poor's Awards a Double Note to «Upline Treasury»
The Moroccan Economy in Brief of 03/02/2017: Standard and Poor's Awards a Double Note to «Upline Treasury»

The Moroccan Economy in Brief of 03/02/2017: Standard and Poor's Awards a Double Note to «Upline Treasury»

1. Standard and Poor's awards a double rating to "Upline Treasury": "Standard and Poor's Global (S & P Global) has just awarded, for the first time in Morocco, the double rating 'Af / S + 1' : Fund Credit Quality and Volatility to the Upline Treasury Fund, a Moroccan fund managed by Upline Capital Management (UCM), a subsidiary of the Banque Populaire Group, which certifies the highest level of security in terms of risks associated with The "S + 1" rating reflects an extremely low level of sensitivity to changes in market conditions. In this regard, S & P Global Ratings notes that "S + 1" means the fund is sensitive to extremely weak market developments and to an overall level of risk that is less than or equal to that of a portfolio comprising securities of excellent credit quality with an average maturity of less than one year ".   2. The BMCE Bank of Africa confirms its commitment to sustainable finance: "The BMCE Bank of Africa confirms once again its pioneering commitment to Sustainable Finance under the leadership of its Chairman, Mr. Othman Benjelloun, and participates in Paris an event organized by Paris EUROPLACE and UNEP FI at the official launch of the "Funding Principles for Positive Impact", an unprecedented international framework for financial sector players, enabling them to assess the sustainable dimension of their assets " . 3. Jacobs Douwe Egberts bases his MENA headquarters in Morocco: "Another victory of Morocco's political stability to attract investors." The Dutch tea and coffee company Jacobs Douwe Egberts will set up its headquarters for the zone MENA (Middle East and North Africa) in the Kingdom According to a source close to the file, three countries will be supervised from the country: Turkey, South Africa and Morocco.Everyone has a dedicated entity, MENA will be based in Morocco ".   4. Lenovo: The new Yoga family arrives in Morocco: "Waiting for the Moto Z family of products, Lenovo launched on Wednesday its new Yoga product range in Morocco at a conference held at Sofitel in Casablanca. As promised by Lenovo Morocco's chief executive, Mohammed Nassiri, in an exclusive interview with Micromagma, Lenovo launched on Wednesday its Yoga range in Morocco, Composed of Yoga Book, Yoga 910, Yoga 720 and Yoga 510 ".   5. The Air Arabia Morocco offers 10,000 tickets at 999 Dirham: "Air Arabia Maroc launches an exceptional offer campaign and marks a new stage in its commitment to a flying experience that combines comfort, reliability and excellent value for money All the customers that will travel on the flights of the company will be able to benefit from a fixed price of 999 Dirhams a round trip from Morocco and 99 Euros from Europe for all the bookings made between 3rd and 5th February and for travel up to 31st March 2017. This offer concerns 10 000 tickets and it is valid on all destinations served by Air Arabia Maroc.   6. The BCP has a General Directorate for the International Affairs:"Kamal Mokdad has just been appointed by the Banque Centrale Populaire to the post of CEO and will be responsible for the development and steering of the Group's activities at He will also take the lead of a new subsidiary, "BP Shore Consulting", which will assist the Group in the management of its strategic and operational projects and will take office on 1 March 2017. Mokdad comes straight from the Casablanca office of the Mazars Group, which he joined in 2007 after a decade in the Bank department in Paris.   7. ASMEX launches the first edition of E-xport Morocco: "The Moroccan Association of Exporters (MAE) announced on Tuesday the launch of the first edition of E-xport Morocco, the first virtual exhibition dedicated to the promotion of Moroccan companies for export MAE as a result passes a major step in its role as a privileged spokesman for the Moroccan exporters.   8. AnfaPlace Shopping Center gets a new look: "New design, new marketing and commercial strategies, and new vision, AnfaPlace Shopping Center has a new look. Obviously, the investment fund Mara Delta, owner of the shopping center, has just announced a global reorganization of the mall. Objective: reposition the shopping center as a family destination and a must-see lifestyle in Casablanca. This new strategy was presented by Bronwyn Anne Corbett, CEO of the Mara Delta Investment Fund, at a press conference held on the 26th January 2017".       Crédit : IMPERIUM MEDIA